nuggy boi blog post numba 3

I haven’t been able to upload videos because my life has been kinda hectic with the trip and babysitting but I am going to be uploading a video every single day from now on. What i have learned is how to do a stream on obs. A stream is when you just play video games live. I have also learned how to cut parts from my video and insert them. That’s basically all the research I’ve done this week.

GH blog post numba two

For my researching about my YouTube channel I went on epic books and found a good book for my YouTube channel. the link is . I chose it because it shows you all the basics of YouTube creating. For example what equipment is needed.

YouTube Channel

For my 6 week GH project I am going to be developing my newly made YouTube channel. My channel is about gaming because I have a passion for playing video games. I will be recording my progress in my blogs.

I started my channel on April 26,2021. My first ever video I made was on roblox and now it has over 70 views. What I hope to accomplish in this six week program is to get over 1,000 total views on my channel. I am hopeful to do this but it will require a lot of work. For example I have to learn how to edit my videos so i can bring more people in to watch my videos.

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